Abstract Bronze Human Figure Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese Replica Supplier BOKK-110

Abstract Bronze Human Figure Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese Replica Supplier BOKK-110

Do you love artist Matteo Pugliese? Do you want a reproduction of Matteo Pugliese’s bronze sculpture artwork? You Fine can meet your needs, please come and consult us.
Item NO:BOKK-110
Finishing:Polished and Honed
Packing:Foam inner and outer with strong fumigated wooden crates
Delivery:30 days after receiving your order

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Abstract Human Figure Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese Detail

The desire for freedom is our innate nature. Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese perfectly interprets freedom with his sculptures. Extra Moenia is a series of bronze sculpture masterpieces by Matteo Pugliese. Each of his works is often composed of multiple components, which seem to be discrete and broken but are a perfect whole. Combined with the combination of walls, they form embedded sculptures clearly show the people’s rebellious spirit of breaking free of their restraints and yearning for freedom.They are the attitude of human beings in pursuit of freedom, and they are also a vivid reflection of human strength and form aesthetics.Our Abstract Bronze Human Statue is exquisitely crafted and we can handle the details well.

Bronze Figure Statue


The Bronze Abstract Human Figure Sculpture is more suitable for indoor decoration. If you put a bronze sculpture like this at home to decorate, you can show the owner’s pursuit of elegance. It is also a good choice to give such art to others. If a friend likes Matteo Pugliese, you can give him such a sculpture.

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Abstract Human Figure Sculpture by Matteo Pugliese

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Abstract Human Figure Sculpture

Would you like to put a bronze sculpture like this art for decoration at home?If you want other bronze male sculptures, we can also do it. In terms of details, you can consult our business, and they will give you professional answers.

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