Beautiful Life Size Elk Bronze Animal Statue for Decoration Supplier BOKK-667

Beautiful Life Size Elk Bronze Animal Statue for Decoration Supplier BOKK-667

Do you like this beautiful bronze elk statue? This bronze elk statue is our latest design and it is very popular. We have received a lot of inquiries from our clients. If you like it, please come and place your order soon.
Item No: BOKK-667
Place Of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly

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Life-Size Elk Bronze Animal Statue Detail

This Elk Bronze Animal Statue is so beautiful, isn’t it? It is sure to be a great addition to your garden. Elk is the more docile of the deer species. According to years of captivity and observation, elk does not run as fast as sika deer and elk. Elk is good swimmers and feeds on grasses, mosses, and a variety of other tender grasses and leaves. Moose are magical, auspicious things. Not only was it an object of hunting for the ancestors, an important offering in totems and rituals of worship, but it also became a symbol of vitality and promotion to wealth. This bronze elk statue is the latest design from our factory and so far we have received many inquiries for this product.

Bronze Elk Sculpture

Why choose us?

1. You Fine Art Sculpture has the most excellent modelers, who are good at making animal models and figure model sculptures.

2. The wax pattern will be modified according to the original drawing to avoid losing some details of the model in the process of turning the model.

3. The bronze sculptures produced in our factory have a high bronze content.

4. We have a professional chemical coloring master. 6. the color can be customized and can be permanently colored. The more time, the more natural the color.

5. Professional packaging to ensure the safety of the goods in transit.

6. We will buy every risk for every sculpture for our clients.

7. We have a professional installation team.

8. We have a professional after-sales team, if you have any problems after receiving the goods, feel free to contact our staff, they will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

Bronze Animal Sculpture

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In addition to Life-Size Elk Bronze Animal Statue, You Fine Art Sculpture also has many animal sculptures, and we have custom-made animal sculptures of mermaids, lions, bears, dogs, eagles and more for many clients. Of course, we can also do a range of figure sculptures, such as celebrity sculptures of Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Lincoln, and others, as well as some artistic sculptures of rock climbers, hollow men, artists, etc. Whether it’s the making of a figure sculpture or a Bronze Animal Sculpture, we have a wealth of experience and our skilled and experienced masters. We are confident that we could make the bronze sculptures you want.

Life Size Elk Bronze Animal Statue

Please feel free to contact us with any bronze sculptures you would like or any designs for bronze sculptures, we are always waiting for you.

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