Bronze Lady Justice Statue Greek Roman Blind Themis Goddess Factory Supplier BOK1-160

Bronze Lady Justice Statue Greek Roman Blind Themis Goddess Factory Supplier BOK1-160

YouFine Art Sculpture is a leading factory in the sculpture area in China. This fine bronze statue of Justice was cast for our attorney-client who loved it. If you are interested in this sculpture, please contact us immediately.
Item No: BOK1-160
Material: Bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Silica Sol Process
Advantage: Factory Direct

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Bronze Lady Justice Statue Details:

This is a very classical and representative Roman bronze lady justice statue. She is a symbol of the virtue of justice. Her three iconic objects are libra, sword, and blindfold. The libra stands for a fair and just trial, the sword stands for the Justice force to punish criminals, and blindfold stands for the spirit of the rule of law of equality, objectivity, non-discrimination, and non-discrimination.


Bronze Lady Justice Statue Details

Special Experience:

Ordering lady justice statues from us would be a very special experience for you. Because most statues are freshly made. During the production process, YouFine would send you some photos. In this way, you would know the entire production process and craftsmanship. The experience would make you more impressed with the sculpture. But if you are urgent to receive the statue, we also have many beautiful stocks in our warehouse. We could select some based on your requirements for your choice, then clean it, and ship it quickly, may five days after order.


Special Experience

Production process:

For the lady statues which we have the molds, we could save the time for making molds. So the total production process would be about one month.



Production process

1- Cast bronze

Casting bronze involves about 33 procedures, very difficult and high demanded. We need to use our most professional masters to do casting.


Production process

2- Welding and polishing

After the bronze is cast, they are several pieces. So our masters need to put every piece together and then weld them one by one. After welding, there would be some joints on the sculptures. So our masters would polish the surface. In this way, the surface would be smooth and make the joints away.

Production process

3- Patina

After welding and polishing, our masters do the patina. This chemical coloring method would make the color long-lasting and a sense of quality.


3- Patina3- Patina


We have been specializing in bronze lady sculpture for about 38 years since 1983. YouFine made about 100 pieces of new molds every year, so for now, we have more than 3000 pieces of molds. If you don’t know which statue to choose for your garden, living room, or public park, we could recommend some suitable and beautiful designs for your choice. If you like this sculpture, please contact us now, YouFine would cast all kinds for your Statue of Justice.

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