Customized Life Size Casting Bronze Deer Sculpture Design for Sale BOKK-286

Customized Life Size Casting Bronze Deer Sculpture Design for Sale BOKK-286

This bronze deer sculpture was custom made for a previous client and this bronze sculpture was cast using the traditional lost wax method. This sculpture is definitely a great addition to the outdoor garden.
Item No: BOKK-286
Material: Casting Copper
Size: As Your Requirement
Style: Bronze Animal Statue
Advantage: Foundry Supplying Directly

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Casting Bronze Deer Sculpture Design Detail

This bronze sculpture was custom made by us for a previous client. The sculpture shows us a scene where a large deer and his fawns are on the grass and the adult deer is feeding his fawn. This bronze sculpture is made from high-quality bronze and is cast using the traditional lost wax method. This Casting Bronze Deer Sculpture is suitable to be placed outdoors as a garden decoration, it will add beauty to the garden.

Casting Bronze Deer Sculpture

Our Technology

Our method of making bronze sculptures uses the traditional lost wax method, and this is also the case with this deer sculpture. Generally, we would first make clay sculptures of bronze sculptures, and we use a 1: 1 model when making clay molds. Then use gypsum or silicone to remake the mold. After we complete the mold, we must seal the molten paraffin and inject it into the prepared gypsum mold, and then wrap the prepared wax mold with quartz sand layer by layer, and use the traditional lost wax method to cast during the casting process. After we complete the above manufacturing, we must polish and stitch the weld, then color and seal the wax. Through these steps, we completed our Bronze Deer Sculpture

High-quality Bronze Animal Statues

Company Profile

You Fine Art Sculpture has a wide variety of High-quality Bronze Animal Statues. Our company’s bronze statue factory specializes in producing bronze statues, the size and style could be customized according to customer requirements. We have professional modelers, all of whom have been in the industry for many years and have extensive experience. Our company has a good service attitude and good service. If you have any questions about sculpture, you could come and ask us. Our staff would answer your questions. After receiving the goods, we also pay great attention to the after-sale of the products.

Bronze Deer Sculpture

The design of our bronze deer sculptures is creative. If you like this design of ours, feel free to contact us.

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