Customized Ornamental Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture Design for Sale BOKK-551

Customized Ornamental Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture Design for Sale BOKK-551

The customized bronze standard poodle sculpture is on sale at You Fine, if you like this bronze sculpture, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.
Item No: BOKK-551
Material: Antique Bronze
Breeds: Poddle Statue
Size: As Your Requirement
Place Of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Advantage: Factory Supplying Directly

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Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture Detail

This Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture looks so interesting. With its larger body and a smaller head, this Standard Poodle looks adorable. If you place this bronze poodle sculpture in your garden, it is sure to add a different color to your garden. Our bronze sculptures go through a series of intricate manufacturing processes, both in terms of modeling and coloring.

Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture

In addition to bronze poodle sculptures, we have many other designs. Our designs come in a variety of styles, and no matter where you want to put it, we have the perfect style to recommend for you.

Bronze Dog Sculptures

Company Profile

You Fine Art Sculpture has thousands of Bronze Dog Sculptures. We have our own production factory, so we could customize the size and style according to customer requirements. We have completed many large indoor and outdoor bronze garden statues, including Western statues, classical statues, children statues, various wild animal statues, water sculptures, and busts. Our factory has many years of experience in the production of bronze statues. We have a professional design team and production team to ensure that we provide you with high-quality products.Bronze Poodle Sculpture

Coloring Method of Bronze Statue

Our bronze sculptures could be colored in raw bronze, chemically treated, painted, or metalized, with chemical treatment being the most common method we use. Different chemicals will react with the bronze to achieve different colors. One of the most common chemicals we use is sulphuric acid. Other chemicals include iron nitrate (gold, brown and red) and copper nitrate (green and blue). These chemicals could be used alone or in layers to achieve different color effects.

Packaging and Shipping

Our packaging is also very strong. The thickness of the wood is 3 cm, which is twice that of ordinary packaging. For different items, we have different packaging plans, which would protect beautiful items during transportation. As for the transportation of Ornamental Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture, in general, we choose to transport by sea, but other transportation methods could also be used, such as air transportation. Our nearest port is Tianjin, China, of course, if you choose another port it is also possible.

Bronze Standard Poodle Sculpture Design

If you have any questions about this Bronze Poodle Sculpture, feel free to contact us and we welcome your inquiries at any time.

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