Famous Ancient Bronze Female Statue of Kinnara Replica Manufacturer BOKK-482

Famous Ancient Bronze Female Statue of Kinnara Replica Manufacturer BOKK-482

Kinnara is Hindi. In Southeast Asian mythology, the female opponent of kinnara is portrayed as a half-bird and half-girl creature. Although she has a woman’s head, torso and arms, she has wings, tail and feet of a swan.If you are interested in this statue, please consult us as soon as possible.
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Bronze Female Statue of Kinnara Replica Detail

Kinnara is one of the Buddhist gods. Kinnara is divided into men and women. Men grow into horses, while women look dignified. Because they look like humans and are not human, they are a bit suspicious, so they are called “skeptical gods”. Because it has a beautiful singing voice and can sing and dance, it is also called “music god”.In Southeast Asia, two of the most popular mythological figures are benevolent semi-avian species, known as Kinnara and Kinnari, who are said to come from the Himalayas and usually focus on human happiness.We guarantee the quality of this bronze Kinnara statue replica .

Our Technique

You Fine has a professional design team. Our design masters are generations of sculptors. Our designers have more than 30 years of experience in bronze sculpture, so any complex pattern is not a problem for our masters. We are committed to creating new ideas and technologies to keep up with the development of society. Many of our sculptures we create are loved by many domestic and foreign customers. The quality of our products has also received praise from many domestic and foreign customers.

Ancient Bronze Female Statue of Kinnara Replica

Our Services

You Fine‘s bronze figure statues are guaranteed of quality. If you find any quality problems during use, you can always contact our staff. We will solve the after-sales problem for you as soon as possible. We have a complete after-sales service system and can provide you with satisfactory products and services. In addition to quality assurance, we also provide tailor-made services. If you need other bronze statues, please contact our staff and we will meet your requirements.

Packaging and shipping

Our packaging is also very strong. The thickness of the wood is 3 cm, which is twice that of ordinary packaging. For different items, we have different packaging plans, which will protect beautiful items during transportation.As for the transportation of Bronze Female Statue of Kinnara Replica , in general, we choose to transport by sea, but other transportation methods can also be used, such as air transportation. Our nearest port is Tianjin, China, of course if you choose another port it is also possible.

Bronze Female Statue

Do you want a bronze Kinnara sculpture, if you want, please contact us at once, we will provide you with the best quality products and the best prices.

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