Outdoor Best Selling Standing Bronze Military Dog with Chain BOKK-310

Outdoor Best Selling Standing Bronze Military Dog with Chain BOKK-310

We have been concentrated on sculpture line for over 35 years during the period we embrace every change and opportunity, so we can survive in this competitive market, if you trust us, and we will put our whole energy to meet your needs, please contact us if you are looking suppliers of bronze dog, we are bound to be your optimal choice.
Item NO:BOKK-310
Size: Length: 120cm Width:75cm Height: 40cm
Style: Bronze Animal Statue
Keyword: Custom Dog Statues
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Keyword: Bronze Military Dog Statue for Sale
Advantage: Professional Factory Directly Supply
Design: By Our Team(Customer Design is Welcomed)

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The Military Dog is carefully carved with top grade bronze, which shows a faithful and brave dog. Our experienced masters earnestly do the sculpture from the first step , and amend the mode for several times, and the finished sculpture looks so vivid and beautiful.


We always adhere to the principle ”quality comes first,” hence, we make every effort to satisfy our customers whether in design or in craft, which result in various returned customers from different countries, due to the mutual trust , we can build long business relationship and enjoy high reputation for a long time.

The Bronze Military Dog is very suitable for your front yard and garden, it can be a guard to protest your home and your family, and transmit a spirit of allegiance, as an old saying goes, dogs are the friend of human, so this animal can be an excellent choice for you to decorate your home



There are lots of sculptures for you to choose, meanwhile, we can do sculptures on the basis of customization, which means that if you are not satisfied with the current design, you can put forward your idea, and our masters give the complete design. As for every listing, we assign different masters to specialize in it, therefore, the quality of our sculpture is splendid.



The following are details of shipment and packing

By sea (Special for life size sculptures and large sculptures, can save lots of cost).

By air (Special for small sculptures or when you need the sculpture very urgently).

By express delivery DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx .. (Door to Door delivery, about 3-7 days can reach).

Inside: Soft plastic foam

Outside: Strong fumigated wooden crates

YOU FINE ART is proud to present you with lost wax bronze reproductions of animal statues and busts, which is the advanced technology to build a sculpture if you have any doubt or request please fell free to contact us, and we will provide you the satisfying answer.

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