Outdoor Large Size Black Animal Bronze Deer Statue for Garden Lawn Supplier BOKK-468

Outdoor Large Size Black Animal Bronze Deer Statue for Garden Lawn Supplier BOKK-468

What a beautiful bronze deer sculpture! Do you like this bronze deer sculpture? You could contact us by email and phone if you like.
Item No: BOKK-468
Material: Antique Bronze
Size: Customized
Type: Bronze Deer Statue
Tech: lost wax method
Production Time: 40-45 Days
Keyword: Bronze Animal Statue
Usage: Garden Villa, Park, Community, Apartment, Factory, And All Building

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Black Animal Bronze Deer Statue Detail

This Large Bronze Deer Sculpture is a great addition to an outdoor garden lawn, isn’t it? This bronze sculpture is our latest design and we have received many inquiries from customers who have expressed great interest in this bronze deer sculpture. The production of this bronze deer sculpture is very detailed and we can clearly see every part of this deer. The sculpture is cast using the traditional lost wax method, a process that many people have heard of and which is now very well developed. Therefore, the quality of our Bronze Deer Sculptures is guaranteed.


Outdoor Large Size Black Animal Bronze Deer Statue for Garden Lawn Supplier BOKK-468

Advantages of Our Bronze Sculpture

1. Our company has the best model masters, and all have specialties in the art industry. They are good at making models of animals, people, and abstract sculptures separately.

2. After the mold is turned, the wax pattern will be modified according to the original image to avoid losing some details of the model during the mold turning.

3. Silica casting, the trachoma of the sculpture is relatively small.

4. The bronze sculptures produced by our factory have a high bronze content.

5. We have professional chemical coloring masters. Colors can be customized and persisted. The longer the time, the more natural the color.

6. Professional packaging to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

7. We would buy every risk for our customers for every sculpture.

8. We have a professional installation team.

Bronze Deer Sculptures

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In addition to the Black Animal Bronze Deer Statue, You Fine Art Sculpture also has a number of animal sculptures, and we have customized many animal sculptures of mermaids, lions, bears, dogs, eagles, and more for many clients. We could also do a lot of figure sculptures, such as celebrity sculptures of Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Lincoln, and others, as well as artistic sculptures of wall climbers, hollow men, and artists. Whether it’s the making of figure sculptures or animal sculptures, we have a wealth of experience and our master craftsmen are skilled and experienced.

Large Bronze Deer Sculpture

You Fine Art Sculpture has the best products and the most professional service. Feel free to contact us if you have any desired bronze sculptures. We are always waiting to serve you.

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