Large Size Bronze Bear and Eagle Statue for Sale BOKK-292

Large Size Bronze Bear and Eagle Statue for Sale BOKK-292

This Bronze Bear and Eagle Catch Fish Statue was custom made from us by a previous client. The size of this bear statue is approximately 82.68 inches (2.1m). It is perfect to put in your garden, it would add a touch of nature to your garden.
Item NO: BOKK-292
Finished Time: 30-45 days
Packaging: Standard Export Package
Available Service 1:Custom Made Service
Available Service 2:Free Design Service

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Bronze Bear and Eagle Statue Detail:

This Bronze Bear and Eagle Statue show us a scene of animals hunting in nature. We could see a bear snatching a fish from an eagle, this bear is very fierce, it has its mouth wide open trying to eat this fish and the eagle is desperately trying to grab it. Your garden would become more interesting if you put this sculpture in your garden. At the same time, it allows us to feel the magical power of nature in our gardens as well. This bronze statue of ours is loved by many people because of its innovative design. Bronze Bear and Eagle Catch Fish Statue

How Was This Bronze Bear Statue and Eagle Made?

1、Make clay film; all our bronze sculptures need to make clay film after our clay film is finished, we will send pictures to customers to confirm.
2、Turn over the mold; for simple shapes, use the plaster mold, for complex shapes, use the silicone mold.
3、On the wax; after turning over the mold, pour the melted wax into the plaster mold or silicone mold, and wait for the wax to cool down. After demolding, line up the wax mold. 4.
4、Make the shell; use quartz sand to wrap the made wax pattern.
5、Casting; place the wax mold in a heat-resistant mold, burn off the paraffin wax in the shell at high temperature, and pour the copper water into the quartz sand.
6、Sanding, splicing, weld treatment.
7、Coloring, oiling, and sealing wax.

Large Size Bronze Bear and Eagle Catch Fish Statue

About Us:

You Fine Art Sculpture has been a leader in the sculpture industry. We have more than 35 years of experience in making bronze sculptures. Our bronze sculptures are divided into two categories: human and animal. In addition to this Bronze Bear Statue, we often make animal sculptures such as bronze bull statue, deer statue, dog statue, rabbit statue, and so on. Our factory’s various celebrity sculptures are also very popular.

Large Size Bronze Bear Statues

The Perfect Package:

Our packaging is perfect. We have both inner and outer packaging, the thickness of the outer packaging is 3 cm, which is twice as thick as the normal packaging. The inner packaging is usually made of foam and soft cotton. For different items, we have different packaging solutions to ensure the safety of the sculptures during shipping. Shipping by sea is one of the most common ways we use. If you don’t have any special requirements, we usually choose sea freight.


Bear and Eagle Catch Fish Statue


You could rest assured about the service and after-sales service. No matter what, we have the most professional staff to serve you. We would not only recommend the most suitable style for you but also do after the maintenance of this sculpture for you.

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