Famous Artwork Nostalgia Bronze Abstract Couple Sculpture BOKK-961

Famous Artwork Nostalgia Bronze Abstract Couple Sculpture BOKK-961

There are many kinds of emotions between people. Love, as one of them, would always make different people feel different. We could express our views and yearning for love through this bronze sculpture.
Item No: BOKK-961
Size: H 140cm
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Lost Wax Casting Method

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Inspiration for Abstract Couple Sculpture:

This bronze abstract couple sculpture is named “La Nostalgia”, created by Jose Ramiz Barquet, it became a part of the seaside boardwalk in 1984. It is a symbol of universal love inspired by the artist’s own love story. He planned to marry a woman he met when he was young, but that was not the case. After twenty-seven years, they parted ways, married with others, gave birth to three or four children, and then they met again. They are married and live in Puerto Vallarta.

Inspiration for Abstract Couple Sculpture

Applicable to a Variety of Places:

This sculpture expresses beautiful and ordinary human emotions, and it shows the true and precious love between humans in the form of art. This beautiful bronze abstract couple sculpture is very suitable for many places, such as the gardens of loving couples, hotels where weddings are often held, urban pedestrian streets, and seaside resorts. It would create a pleasant and warm atmosphere for the installation site.

Applicable to a Variety of Places


YouFine’s Customization Services:

YouFine has been in the sculpture are more than 38 years. YouFine supports custom and could custom sculpture according to your requirements on size, color, and so on. The life-size of the bronze abstract couple sculpture is 140cm tall, but if you want it smaller or larger, we could do it for you.

YouFine’s Customization Services

Moreover, YouFine adapts the chemical coloring process, we could color the sculpture similar to the original, to the original color. If you want to make it in the color your wife or husband likes, YouFine could also do it for you!

YouFine’s Customization Services


If you are interested in this bronze sculpture, please feel free to contact us. As a factory that values quality very much, YouFine would definitely offer you a perfect sculpture!

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