Famous Interiors Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue Design for Sale BOKK-516

Famous Interiors Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue Design for Sale BOKK-516

This Bronze Mandela Bust Statue is perfect as interior decoration, trusting that Mandela’s spirit will give you the strength to learn and grow.
Item No: BOKK-516
Size: Customized Size
Material: Casting Bronze
Style: Mandela Bust Statue
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved
Advantage: Factory Direct; Door to Door Delivery
Payment Term: By T/T,30% Deposit, And 70% Balance Before Shipping

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Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue Detail

This Bronze Mandela Bust Statue is approximately 3 feet (91cm) tall, and it would make a great decoration for an interior study. Have you ever heard of Mandela? He served as president of South Africa, and during his tenure, he worked to abolish apartheid, achieve racial reconciliation, and combat the injustice of poverty. He has been named the greatest South African of all time. The restoration of this Mandela bust statue is very high, even up to 98% or more. Our master has paid great attention to detail when casting it, and we could clearly see Mandela’s expression and smile.

Bronze Mandela Bust Statue

Production Process      

1. Make clay film; all of our bronze sculptures are to make clay film in advance and strictly according to the ratio of 1:1.

2. Turn over the mold; simple modeling can be turned with plaster, complex modeling with silicone to turn.

3. Waxing; after turning the mold, pour the melted wax into the plaster mold or silicone mold, and wait for the wax to cool. After disassembling the mold, line up the wax mold.

4. Make the shell; wrap the wax model with quartz sand layer by layer.

5. Casting; (lost wax method) put the wax mold into the heat-resistant mold, burn the paraffin wax inside the shell by high temperature, then pour copper water into the quartz sand. Shell, cool, shape.

6. Sanding, splicing, welding seam treatment.

7. Coloring, oiling, and sealing wax.

Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue

Why Choose You Fine?

1. You Fine Art Sculpture has the best model masters, they are good at making models of animals and figure sculpture separately.

2. After the mold is turned, the wax pattern would be modified according to the original image to avoid losing some details of the model during the mold turning.

3. The bronze statues produced by our factory have a high bronze content.

4. We have professional chemical coloring masters.

5. Professional packaging to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

6. We would buy every risk for our customers for every sculpture.

7. We have a professional installation team.

Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue Design

Packaging and Delivery

Our packaging is also very strong. The thickness of the wood is 3 cm, which is twice that of ordinary packaging. For different items, we have different packaging plans, which will protect beautiful items during transportation. As for the transportation of Casting Bronze Mandela Bust Statue, in general, we choose to transport by sea, but other transportation methods could also be used, such as air transportation. Our nearest port is Tianjin, China, of course, if you choose another port it is also possible. For general character sculptures, we could complete delivery within 30 days.

Bronze Bust Statues


We have a wide variety of Bronze Bust Statues designs, styles and sizes that are customizable. You could always contact us with any questions you may have.

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