Garden Art Casting Bronze Lion and Cub Statue Design for Sale BOKK-863

Garden Art Casting Bronze Lion and Cub Statue Design for Sale BOKK-863

Do you like Bronze Lion and Cub Statue? This bronze lion statue is very popular and I am sure it would add a different feel to your garden.
Item No: BOKK-863
Size: Large or CustomizedTechnique: Lost wax method
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Finished Time: 45 Days
Superiority: 30 Years of Quality Guarantee

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Bronze Lion and Cub Statue Detail

This Bronze Lion and Cub Statue is perfect for an outdoor garden, isn’t it? First of all, lion statues are a common household decoration because lions have an auspicious meaning that wards off evil spirits. The most common lion statues are often placed at the front door because the lion is often seen as the guardian angel of the home. Secondly, the quality of the Garden Art Bronze Lion Statue┬áis very good and it could be used outdoors for many years. Thirdly, this bronze statue of ours is installed very firmly, so even though it is very heavy but no accident would happen.

Bronze Lion and Cub Statue

The Craft of Bronze Statue

Do you like bronze statues? Have you ever learned about the process of making a bronze statue? Bronze statues are loved by many people for their high artistic value and they are very collectible. It is also true that the casting process of bronze statues is very tedious, and it takes many processes to make them. All of our bronze statues are cast using the traditional lost wax method, and we guarantee every detail of the bronze statue. The most important aspects of the bronze statue are the model and the painting.

Garden Art Bronze Lion Statue

Why Choose You Fine Sculpture?

  1. We could design any style and size for you.
  2. Our bronze statues have the highest copper content.
  3. All our bronze statues are made of 1:1 ratio clay film.
  4. We have the best chemical colorist, so the color of our bronze statues is very natural.
  5. Sturdy packaging. All our statues are packed in two layers, the outer package is made of sturdy wooden board and the inner package is made of soft cotton or foam.
  6. About shipping and delivery. You could choose any port in China as your shipping port.

Bronze Lion Statue

You could always come and talk to us if you want to know more about this Bronze Lion Statue.

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