High-quality Craft Bronze Outdoor Lying Lion Sculpture for Yard Decor Online BOKK-864

High-quality Craft Bronze Outdoor Lying Lion Sculpture for Yard Decor Online BOKK-864

Do you want a bronze lion sculpture for your yard? This bronze lion sculpture is perfect. You could message us if you want to know more about this sculpture.
Item No: BOKK-864
Technique: Lost wax method
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Superiority 1: 30 Years of Quality Guarantee
Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly

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Bronze Outdoor Lying Lion Sculpture Detail

Imagine how your yard would change if you placed such a Bronze Outdoor Lying Lion Sculpture in your yard. Lion sculptures have always been very popular in home decorations, and many domestic and international customers like to decorate their yards with lions because of their good meaning. The design of this lion is different from the fierce image of a lion, it lazily lounges and looks kind of cute.

Bronze Outdoor Lying Lion Sculpture

We also have many bronze lion sculpture designs, and each of our designs is new and unique. li flying lion sculpture, walking lion sculpture, sleeping lion sculpture, and so on. When our masters make lion sculptures they could capture every detail of the lion, so our lion sculptures are all lifelike.

Craft Bronze Outdoor Lion Sculpture

High quality- Pursuit of You Fine

All sculptures by You Fine are of high quality. Firstly, we use high-quality bronze materials and the copper content of our bronze sculptures is over 85%. Secondly, our masters have many years of experience in the sculpture industry. They are very professional and conscientious when making the sculptures, which guarantees the high quality of the bronze sculptures. Lastly, we use the traditional lost wax method, which has been used in bronze casting since ancient times. The lost wax method has been developed up to now, and its process has been very mature.

Bronze Lion Sculpture for Yard Decor

Product Show

We have a wide variety of bronze animal sculptures, including Bronze Lion Sculptures, bull sculptures, dog sculptures, rabbit sculptures, deer sculptures, etc. For each animal, we have many different designs. Bronze animal sculptures are often used for garden decoration, you could choose your favorite animal sculpture to put in your garden, which is a great idea. We also have many famous bronze figures such as the bronze flying lady sculpture, busts of various celebrities, as well as traveler’s sculptures, and many more. All of our bronze sculptures are available to order and we could cater for any of your needs.

Bronze Lion Sculptures

This Craft Bronze Outdoor Lion Sculpture is on sale right now, so if you place an order this month we could give you the best price.

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