Hot-selling Outdoor Antique Bronze Eagle Sculpture for Decor Supplier BOKK-601

Hot-selling Outdoor Antique Bronze Eagle Sculpture for Decor Supplier BOKK-601

Our bronze eagle sculpture is so popular. The eagle has many good symbolic meanings, so the bronze eagle sculpture is very suitable for home decor.
Item No: BOKK-601
Material: Antique Bronze
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Place of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Advantage 1: Competitive Price (our own factory)
Advantage 2: High Quality and Very Detailed Workmanship
Payment Term: By T/T, 30% Deposit, and 70% Balance before Shipping

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Outdoor Antique Bronze Eagle Sculpture for Decor Detail

The eagle has a lot of allegory and symbolism. First, the eagle symbolizes sunlight and power. Because of their proud nature, the eagle has become a symbol of strength, courage, and masculinity. In legend, the eagle is the sun god. It can give strength and encourage people. Secondly, eagles also represent wisdom and courage; they are a symbol of freedom and fearlessness. It is also because of the series of auspicious symbols of the eagle that the bronze eagle sculpture is commonly used as a home decoration. This Large Size Bronze Eagle Sculpture was made by our factory sculptors. Our master is very detail-oriented in casting, and we could see every part of the eagle very clearly.

Bronze Eagle Sculpture

Advantages of Our Bronze Sculpture

1. You Fine Art Sculpture has the best model masters, and all have specialties in the art industry. They are good at making models of animals, people, and abstract sculptures separately.

2. After the mold is turned, the wax pattern will be modified according to the original image to avoid losing some details of the model during the mold turning.

3. The bronze sculptures produced by our factory have a high bronze content.

4. We have professional chemical coloring masters.

5. Professional packaging to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

6. We would buy every risk for our customers for every sculpture.

7. We have a professional installation team.

Large Size Bronze Eagle SculptureLarge Size Bronze Eagle Sculpture

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Outdoor Antique Bronze Eagle Sculpture

You could rest assured about our services. We have a professional team before and after-sales, and we would solve any problems you have immediately.

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