Interesting outdoor bronze Sculpture De Vaartkapoen Replica BOKK-959

Interesting outdoor bronze Sculpture De Vaartkapoen Replica BOKK-959

This outdoor bronze Sculpture is a successful and interesting art installation on the streets of Brussels — De Vaartkapoen, which YouFine has perfectly replicated for our clients.
Item No: BOKK-959
Material: Bronze
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Technique: Lost Wax Process
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Size: Life Size or Customized Size
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This is a very interesting outdoor bronze sculpture. The original of this sculpture is located on the streets of Brussels. The name of the sculpture is De Vaartkapoen. A person with his upper body protruding from the sewer holds the manhole cover with his right hand, and his left-hand grabs the feet of a policeman running on the ground. The policeman loses his balance and falls to the ground. Such a scene is very funny and interesting, and many pedestrians couldn’t help but take pictures when they pass by this sculpture. So we had a client who also fell in love with the sculpture and contacted us to make him an exact replica.

Interesting De Vaartkapoen bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture

Information About the Original Sculpture:

This De Vaartkapoen outdoor bronze sculpture was created by Tom Frantzen in 1985 and called it De Vaartkapoen. Vaartkapoen was originally the nickname of the dock workers who worked on the Molenbeek Canal. The delinquent boy who wandered on the street, later, the name gradually became the nickname of the residents of Molenbeek. The image of a policeman caught by his ankle and about to fall comes from Hergé’s series of comics Quick et Flupke gamins de Bruxelles.

Interesting De Vaartkapoen bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture Interesting De Vaartkapoen bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture

Symbolism of De Vaartkapoen:

This De Vaartkapoen outdoor bronze sculpture symbolizes the working-class dock workers tripping up the police who symbolize government authority, and rebellion tripping up power. This statue has a profound meaning, especially in Molenbeek, where the labor movement was once surging. Today, more than 30 years after the completion of the sculpture, in this neighborhood full of religious and cultural conflicts, pervasive anarchism has brought a new interpretation to this sculpture.

Interesting De Vaartkapoen bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture

Another Similar “Well Cover” Sculpture:

I don’t know if it’s because the artists have a good understanding, or because they have learned from each other. In the capital of Slovakia, there is also a sculpture related to manhole covers. The “well cover” in Bratislava is located at the intersection of Laurinská and Panská streets. The name of the sculpture is Čumil. A man wearing a hat and a coat sticks out his upper body from the sewer, with his arms on the side of the well, looking at everything on the street with a smile on the corner of his mouth. This sculpture was completed by artist Viktor Hulík in 1997. The original meaning of Čumil is “observer”. Another name of this sculpture is “Man at Work”. People have different understandings of what the man lying on the mouth of the well is doing. Some people think that he is a municipal worker at work, some think that the municipal worker is resting, and some people think that this guy is simply spying on girls passing by on the street.

Čumil sculpture - YouFine Sculpture Čumil sculpture - YouFine Sculpture

YouFine Perfectly Made Sculptures for Customers:

YouFine is a sculpture production factory established in the last century. We have rich experience in the production of bronze sculptures. So when we received our client’s order, we went to check out a lot of information about this De Vaartkapoen sculpture. Our artists and craftsmen only start to make this outdoor bronze sculpture after fully knowing the sculpture. We would first make a model, which surprises our customers and is perfect. After the model is made, we could cast the sculpture. We would take photos for our customers after the casting is completed. We would arrange delivery after our customer’s acceptance is successful.

Interesting De Vaartkapoen bronze statue - YouFine Sculpture

Our service to customers is very warm. And we are factory direct sales while ensuring the quality, our price is also unbeatable. So if you are interested in our sculptures, or you have any famous sculptures that you want to copy, YouFine would be your good choice.

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