Life Size Outdoor Bronze Stag Statues Supplier BOKK-275

Life Size Outdoor Bronze Stag Statues Supplier BOKK-275

This Bronze Stag Statue is so beautiful, isn’t it? If this statue shows up in your garden, someone is bound to be wowed by it. We guarantee that this is a real reindeer statue and that it is customizable in size and style. If you like this bronze sculpture as well, feel free to email us.
Techniques: lost-wax method&patina&hand made
Packaging: Standard Export Package

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Outdoor Bronze Stag Statues Detail

This Bronze Stag Statue is a very classic style. These three reindeer sculptures are often placed in gardens, parks, zoos, or outdoor estates. The decoration of this bronze reindeer sculpture will add a different color to your garden. Both the antlers and the body of this reindeer are very carefully crafted. We made sure that it is a real reindeer sculpture. Of course, regarding this size and style, we are open to customization. All our bronze sculptures are cast using the traditional lost wax method and our strict production process ensures high quality.

Outdoor Bronze Stag Statues

Features of The Stag:

Both males and females have long horns on their heads, which is one of the distinctive features that distinguish reindeer from other species; the longhorns are heavily branched, sometimes more than 30 forks, broad hooves to avoid getting stuck in the snow, well-developed overhanging hooves, foot joints that make a special sound when walking, which can cue the position of the reindeer for the rear in a snowstorm or eternal night, and extremely short. The tail prevents heat loss. Legend has it that Santa’s sleigh is pulled by reindeer.

Large Bronze Wildlife Reindeer Sculpture

Production Process:

1. Make clay film; all of our bronze sculptures are to make clay film in advance and strictly according to the ratio of 1:1.

2. Turn over the mold; simple modeling can be turned with plaster, complex modeling with silicone to turn.

3. Waxing; after turning the mold, pour the melted wax into the plaster mold or silicone mold, and wait for the wax to cool. After disassembling the mold, line up the wax mold.

4. Make the shell; wrap the wax model with quartz sand layer by layer.

5. Casting; (lost wax method) put the wax mold into the heat-resistant mold, burn the paraffin wax inside the shell by high temperature, then pour copper water into the quartz sand. Shell, cool, shape.

6. Sanding, splicing, welding seam treatment.

7. Coloring, oiling, and sealing wax.

Bronze Stag Statue

Company Profile:

You Fine Art Sculpture has thousands of Outdoor Bronze Stag Statues. We have our own production factory, so we could customize the size and style according to customer requirements. We have completed many large indoor and outdoor bronze garden sculptures, including Western sculptures, classical sculptures, children sculptures, various wild animal sculptures, water sculptures, and busts. Our factory has many years of experience in the production of bronze sculptures. We have a professional design team and production team to ensure that we provide you with high-quality products.

Large Size Outdoor Bronze Stag Statue

About this bronze sculpture, if you have other designs you want, you could always contact us. We are always waiting to answer your questions.

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