Large Size Outdoor Wall Street Antique Bronze Bull Statue for Sale BOKK-660

Large Size Outdoor Wall Street Antique Bronze Bull Statue for Sale BOKK-660

The famous Wall Street bronze bull sculpture I’m sure many of you have heard of it. Our replica of the Wall Street bronze bull sculpture is fully restored. This outdoor bronze sculpture could be placed in the home garden or yard and it makes the best decoration.
Item No: BOKK-660
Usage: Garden Or Yard
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Insurance: Cover All the Risk

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Wall Street Antique Bronze Bull Statue Detail

The Wall Street Copper Bull is a bronze statue of a bull in Bowling Green Park in the Manhattan district of New York, USA. Originally created by Italian artist Arturo di Modica as street guerrilla art, the bronze bull has become a popular permanent landmark on Wall Street. This Wall Street Bronze Bull Sculpture Replica is very realistic and would be a good choice for outdoor gardens and outdoor plazas. It is also worth mentioning that our bronze sculptures are of high quality so it could be left outside for many years.

Bronze Bull Statues

Technical Process

The Bronze Bull Statues in You Fine Art Sculpture are made in clay molds, strictly according to the 1:1 pattern. We use the traditional method of losing wax during casting by placing the wax mold into the mold and sanding it with a heat-resistant abrasive tool. With the best modelers and professional chemical colorists, the quality of our products is guaranteed. And our modelers have over 30 years of experience in bronze sculpture, so any intricate pattern is no problem for our modelers. In order to keep pace with the development of society, we are constantly innovating and creating new ideas and technologies. We have created many beautiful sculptures that are loved by many clients at home and abroad.

Antique Bronze Bull Sculptures

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In addition to the Antique Bronze Bull Sculptures, You Fine Art Sculpture has many animal sculptures, and we have custom-made animal sculptures of mermaids, lions, bears, dogs, eagles, and more for many clients. Of course, we can also do a range of figure sculptures, such as celebrity sculptures of Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Lincoln, and others, as well as some artistic sculptures of wall climbers, hollow men, and artists. Whether it’s the making of figure sculptures or animal sculptures, we have a wealth of experience and our master craftsmen are skilled and experienced.

Wall Street Bronze Bull Sculpture Replica

All of our bronze sculptures could be customized. If you have your own design please feel free to contact us, we would follow your requirements and provide you with the most professional advice.

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