Life-Size Bronze Wildlife Sculptures Garden Decor Factory Supply BOKK-373

Life-Size Bronze Wildlife Sculptures Garden Decor Factory Supply BOKK-373

The latest bronze wildlife sculpture designed by YouFine is very popular. Many of our customers have expressed that they would like to buy them for personal use or give them as gifts to friends. If you are interested in this sculpture, please contact us immediately.
Item No: BOKK-373
Size: Large Size or Customize
Material: Antique Bronze
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably
Technique: Lost Wax Process

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Bronze Wildlife Sculptures Details:

This is a very interesting combination. You would be very happy when you see this bronze wildlife sculpture. First of all, at the bottom of this sculpture is a large adult tortoise, and on the back of the tortoise, there is a big fat cat. And this cat also has a bell around its neck, which is obviously a domestic cat. Then, there is a baby elephant playing on the cat’s back. This little elephant is very happy, playing with a ball with his nose. The whole look is like a circus performance. We advocate protecting animals and giving them freedom. So these three animals are so loving when they play on the street.

bronze animal sculptures

Exquisite Clay Model: 

The YouFine factory has many beautiful animal clay models. Our clay mode uses professional sculptural clay, so it is very easy to shape and has a long storage time. If you want any kind of animal bronze sculpture, we have ready-made clay models. This would save you a lot of receiving time and a clay mode fee.

bronze animal sculptures for sale

The Most Professional Clay Model Artist:

YouFine has been in existence for 39 years. Our clay mode artists have been in the industry for nearly 30 years. Of course, we have not only the older and respected artists but also the new generation of young artists. The elders impart their life-long learning to their apprentices, so our artists continue to grow and become more professional from generation to generation.

bronze wildlife sculptures for sale

More Animal Shapes:

In this world, because of different regions, the living environment is very different. So people in our various countries like to be different from native animals. Australia likes kangaroos and koalas. The United States advocates bison and bald eagle. Then the lion was once used as a symbol of the majesty of the British royal force. YouFine bronze wildlife sculpture includes various types. We are sure to get you a very realistic and vivid moving sculpture.

bronze wildlife sculptures
Why do People Like Animal Sculptures:

Animals are human friends, and we live with them. There are animals in every corner of the earth. Especially some wild animals, their vitality is very powerful. Some animals have become national animals and representative animals of certain countries. Therefore, various sculptures could be seen in the park and many villa areas.

animal bronze sculptures

If you are interested in this bronze wildlife sculpture, please contact YouFine immediately.

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