Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Decor

Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Decor

This is a life-size modern astronaut sculpture that has been carefully crafted to capture at least 95% of the intricate details of a real astronaut. Every piece of equipment on the spacesuit has been accurately reproduced for an exceptionally realistic appearance.
Item No: BOK1-538
Material: Bronze
About Us: 40 Years Factory
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Service: Customize Acceptable
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Advantage 1: Factory Direct
Advantage 2: Cover All Insurance
Advantage 3: Door to Door Delivery

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Before sculpting begins, our artists study astronaut shapes and proportions from all angles. They examine countless videos and images, discussing each subtle detail. This comprehensive research allows them to determine the specifics needed to achieve absolute realism in the life-size sculpture. The wrinkles in the fabric, clasps on the gloves, and even the textures of the hoses are vividly rendered.

Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Deco


Meaning and Inspiration

The modern astronaut statue evokes feelings of aspiration, no matter where it is installed. It represents the universal longing to understand our place in the vast cosmos. This inspirational sculpture fuels dreams of exploring new frontiers and experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of the galaxy. It serves as an uplifting emblem of human ingenuity, curiosity, and our shared journey of discovery.

Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Deco Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Deco


Customized Materials

We craft each statue to your unique specifications. Depending on your preferences, budget and location, we can recommend different materials to complement different spaces. The surrounding environment should enhance the significance of the sculpture, so we took great care in the choice of materials. With decades of experience, our artisans can customize to any medium you desire.

Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Deco


Legendary Craftsmanship

Every artisan from our factory is highly skilled in metal sculpting. With over 25 years of experience on average, they expertly execute even the most complex modern astronaut designs. The intricate curves and proportions of this sculpture are shaped entirely by hand for utmost accuracy. When you choose us as your sculpture source, you are guaranteed unparalleled quality and value. We pride ourselves on surpassing expectations to create breathtaking works of art.

Modern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor DecoModern Astronaut Statue Life Size Outdoor Deco


If you are interested in our modern sculptures of astronauts, please feel free to contact us.

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