Outdoor Life Size Bronze Tiger Statue Garden Decor for Sale BOKK-946

Outdoor Life Size Bronze Tiger Statue Garden Decor for Sale BOKK-946

YouFine Art statue could offer a group of high-quality bronze tiger statues. We welcome the customized size of the bronze tiger statue, so it could be placed in any indoor or outdoor space. Please contact us to get the discount price.
Item No: BOKK-946
Size: Life Size or Customized
Material: Bronze
Quality: 100% Quality Insurance
Package: wooden packing
Technique: Cast

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Bronze Tiger Statue Details:

What a beautiful and magnificent bronze tiger statue design, this sculpture is made of bronze material. Do you want to have this vivid sculpture design? I believe that you could not only put it in your garden, or you could also put it in the zoo or Boxing gym because they are fighting with each other, the bronze tiger statue would definitely attract people’s attention. So contact us quickly to get this lovely bronze tiger statue.


bronze tiger statue outdoor

Bronze Tiger Statue Introductions:

This bronze tiger statue is very nice artwork because you could see the bronze tiger statue is very vivid, and we made the demeanor, shape, pose, and color which is very similar to the real tiger. If you like the pair of the bronze tiger statue, we have the model already and you could save the model fee.


bronze tiger statue

Bronze Tiger Statue Advantage:

YouFine has a team that only does the animal sculpture and they study many animals a lot and some of our masters raise a lot of animals in order to make a good shape of the sculptures. Some masters often go to the zoo or see many animal videos on TV and study them so that makes the sculptures more vivid. So that is why YouFine could make the bronze tiger statue so attractive. And we could not only make the bronze tiger statue, but we could also make the horse, bear, moose, and elk, etc… YouFine believes that this tiger statue placed there would be very shocking. And you could get one piece to your own garden. You could get all kinds of sculptures so that your garden is like a zoo which would be very interesting.


tiger statue


Client Good Feedback:

YouFine factory makes animal statues of different designs for customers all year round. And our customers are very satisfied with our status. The client who made the bronze tiger statue is named Mark, and he cares about every detail very much. And we found many designs for him, but he does not like the design, so we found the real tigers that are fighting together, and he loves it very much. Please kindly check the customized picture.


tiger statue outdoor


And Mark gave us feedback on the tiger statue after he installed the sculpture in his garden. Mark mentioned that“ Your work is amazing, these are what I want, I would make more orders from you, and I would introduce my friends to you. I am so…happy


bronze tiger statue for decor


If you are interested in making the bronze tiger statue, Please feel free to contact us. As a professional bronze sculpture supplier, YouFine is worth your choice.

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